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Our desire is for everyone to
experience the blessings when engaged in a real relationship with Jesus for life.

By real we mean an intimate
walk with Jesus where we are
able to share with Him our deepest struggles, our deepest fears and worries, as well as our greatest joys, and our greatest hopes and desires. A real relationship with Jesus will result in true transformation from the inside of our heart that then will change our outward behavior. This transformation will result in us reflecting the love of Jesus into the lives of those around us. 

As a church we are excited about becoming wholehearted 



disciples. We aren’t interested in a legalistic approach to life that results in a shallow religion but rather a spirit-filled approach where God is at work in us and through us (inside-out).


Anyone who goes through me will be cared for…
I came so they can have real and eternal life,
more and better life
than they ever
dreamed of.


While understanding basic beliefs that are a foundation for our faith are very important, it is of first


importance that an inner transformation of our goals, attitudes, emotions, and motives begin to take root in our heart. Jesus said that anyone who will live life through him would be cared for by him. Jesus came so that we may have “real and eternal life, more and better life” than we ever dreamed possible!

It is our purpose as a fellowship of believers to pursue this new and abundant life with our Savior. Helping everyone within our reach realize how a relationship with Jesus will transform their life. Let us join with you in pursuit of Jesus and discover together that there definitely is more to life.



It is our expectation and desire that everyone will experience
the blessings of being an 
in-dispensable member of a real spiritual family for life.

By real we mean having an intimate walk with one another where we’re able to share what’s truly going on in our lives so we may experience healing or so we may share an encouraging victory. We want to be a spiritual family where everyone will find love, acceptance and encourage-ment as we all pursue our relationship with Jesus. 

In our spiritual family we realize the church is like a hospital where sinners come to receive healing for their wounds from doing battle in the world. We’re all sinners in need of the Great



Physician, as well as some loving grace-filled care from one another.


Who needs a doctor:
the healthy or the sick? I’m here inviting outsiders, not insiders—
an invitation to
a changed life,
changed inside
and out.

Jesus also said that His yoke is easy and his burden is light by comparison to the lifestyle 



that the world and Satan are offering us; a lifestyle filled with lies and brokenness.

We look to our Savior for His mercy and want to intentionally reflect that mercy in our spiritual relationships with one another. Life tends to get messy and that’s when we need true friends who will walk with us through the mess offering love and encouragement, not judgement.

We would love the opportunity to
get to know you and for you to get
to know us. We are convicted that being a genuine family of faith, walking with Jesus and one another, will be what brings about true transformation in our hearts
and community, thus proving that there definitely is more to life.

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It is our hopeful pursuit that
all of us, both as individuals and together as a community, will experience the blessings of discovering our real purpose
in life.

By real we mean that God through his grace reveals to us our true identity. We have been made in His image and we are His children. While the purpose God gives our lives is multifaceted and brilliant like a diamond; the center of our purpose is to receive the fullness of our life through our relationship with Jesus alone. Realizing, that in the final analysis, this world and Satan have nothing  to offer us that can exceed the surpassing experience of knowing Jesus. In this experience of knowing Jesus we are empowered to love as God is love. This, in essence, is our 


real purpose in life: to love as God is love. And in this God is glorified!


Love the Lord your God
with all your heart,
with all your soul,
with all your strength
with all your mind; and, Love your neighbor
as yourself…
Do this and you will live!

For many of us our search for the meaning or purpose of life has left us feeling deserted and trying to feel our way in the dark.



And yet, we know that the times we have felt most alive are the times when we would receive true love from another or share our true love with another. The answer is so obvious but because of our sinfulness, our inability to reflect God’s true love continually and fully, we can become blind to the revealing purpose of life that God created us to revel in. But this is why God, in all his love, sent Jesus to shock us back to life. As we look and see the love of Jesus as He lays down his life in order to show us the purpose of life – a sacrificial love of God and love of others. We can then realize our true identity as beloved children and begin to lay our lives down for others and only then experience that there is definitely more to life.