Growing Wings

Today’s Bible Verse: “We are children of God and, if children, heirs also, heirs of God and fellow
heirs with Christ, if we indeed suffer with Him in order that we may also be glorified with Him”
(Rom. 8:16-17).
The Lord Jesus has everything promised to us as God’s children, and we will share everything
with Him. Why? Being heirs of God, we are in the same family and are to be like Him
This partial sharing of the heavenly inheritance is similar to that of a prince in a monarchy who
doesn’t yet have the full property of his parents, but patiently waits knowing that someday all
may be his. Satisfied with his position, the prince is being enriched by his interest in the throne.
In our patient waiting, we don’t put our concentration on the cross bearing that is needed
because being the servant is not the total of our lives in Christ.
There’s an old myth that may help the explanation. It tells of the birds created without wings
until later when God came to them, laid wings at their feet, and said, “Come, take up your
burdens and bear them.” Since the beautiful birds could not fly, they saw the wings as only
additional, weighty burdens.
But a few took up the burdens and held them on their shoulders with their beaks and eventually
came to carry the wings and fold them over their warm, happy hearts. The wings grew, became attached to the birds in love and what they had once borne, now bore them. The burdens became
mere hinges and the once heavy burdens became buoyant so that they might soar as eagles above
the storms and the burdens they once resisted carrying.
Hymn: “I’ll Fly Away”
Prayer: Gracious Father, may each one of us as Your child know that waiting for our place in
Your Son’s Kingdom is merely a matter of time and not circumstance since Your promise is
that we will be like Him. May we bear our burdens as future wings, wings to lift us to the side
of our Creator and Sustainer. In Jesus’ name. Amen.
Gordon V. Herrmann, Santa Maria, CA