Joseph’s Troubles and Triumphs

Ponder: The Life of Joseph/His good example

Today’s Scripture: “He sent a man ahead of them – Joseph was sold as a servant. The shackles
hurt his feet; his neck was placed in an iron collar, until the time when his prediction
came true. The LORD’s word proved him right.” (Psa. 105.17-24).

Was Joseph, son of Jacob, not a faithful son of God? Was his life not important to the glorious
plan of humanity’s salvation that fourteen out of fifty chapters in Genesis mention his life?
Yes, Joseph was faithful to our Father in heaven, and He used him as an instrument for
righteousness. Giving him power to interpret dreams, God lifted Joseph to power when Pharaoh
noticed that the Living God was with Joseph.

You might wonder why Joseph had such a life of troubles before he was lifted to greatness by
our Father? God doesn’t promise that if we are faithful he will give us lives without troubles.
God uses our troubled lives to build our character and get us through. We see that theme time
and time again throughout the Scriptures.

Joseph’s longsuffering teaches us four life lessons.

Firstly, circumstances matter far less than how we respond to those circumstances.
Joseph could have sat around moping all day about how bad he was treated by his older
brothers when they sold him into slavery. But he didn’t. Instead, just like our Savior,
the rejected son was faithful to God and became the savior of many.

Secondly, with God’s help any situation can be used in God’s glory and eternal purpose.
Joseph, like Jesus and even the Apostle Paul, believed that whatever their sufferings as
long as God was being glorified were worth it.

Lastly, with God it will all work out for good. How many people give up when their plans
don’t work out? Set backs are opportunities. Consider the exponential growth of the Church
soon after the execution of Stephen and the persecution that began that day.

Joseph is a wonderful example for us. Let us be more like him in that he was faithful to God
despite the circumstance in his life. We can learn more from Joseph.

Prayer: Dear God of the living, your Word is my guide and my light. Help me learn more from
it every day. In Jesus’ most holy name.

Song: “Joseph’s Dreams”
Mario A Marin, Taft CA