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More to Life

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Enlightening Contrasts

Ponder: 2 Cor. 4:16 – 5:10
Bitter, sweet, sharp, dull, light, dark. Contrasts provide a variety of experiences; contrasts teach. Take a moment and think about the fourteen contrasts in Ecclesiastes three.


A Heart’s Desire

“You are good and what you do is good; teach us Your decrees” (Ps. 119:68).
What God is, is good and what He does is good, and what He has authorized for us is good for us! There are many who ignore the evidence of God’s authority, not for a lack of proof, but for their own desires in this life. In Psalm 119:1, we learn that God’s statutes are a heritage and joy of the believer’s heart. But it may cause those not in Christ to question why it’s a blessing to live under God’s authority.


Seven Blunders of the World

Today’s Bible Verse: “Do to others as you would have them do to you” (Luke 6:31 NIV).
Gandhi was a great civil rights leader of India, and a very wise man. One of his most famous statements was about the seven blunders of the world the lead to violence: “wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, commerce without morality, science without humanity, worship without sacrifice, politics without principle.”