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More to Life

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Hardly Expected

“But the man named Ananias with his wife Sapphira sold a piece of property and kept back part of the price for himself, with his wife’s full knowledge, and bringing a portion of it, he laid it at the apostles’ feet” (Acts 5:1, 2).
Sin never brings those involved what was pictured or promised, because the less invested in truth, integrity, and spiritual security, the less the return. Like the fellow whose plan was to rob a store by handing the clerk a ten dollar bill so she’d have to open the cash register drawer and he could grab the money.


These Hands

Ponder: Ps. 24:3-6

Today’s Bible Verse: “I spread out my hands to you; my soul thirsts for you like a parched land.
(Ps 143:6 NIV).

Kimbra Hickey, a part time message therapist, is now a famous hand model. You may have seen her hands holding an apple on the cover of the “Twilight” novel. Surprisingly, there’s a great demand for hand models and the competition is tense. Kimbra told an interviewer recently that “sometimes you just show the photographer your hands, and he looks at them and your portfolio. Other times they don’t even look at your portfolio, they just take a couple quick pictures and then move on to the next. Sometimes there are a couple hundred people at those auditions. . . .”


What Are You Seeking?

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you” (Matthew 7:7 NAU).

What are you looking for? If you look hard enough for something you will usually find it. “If you’re looking for trouble, you will find it.” If you’re picking for a fight, you will find someone who is also picking for a fight. Many are looking for love in all the wrong places, and they usually find it. If you find your mate in a bar, you usually get what you’re looking for, and deserve what you get.

Jesus said that “the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls, and upon finding a pearl of great value, he went and sold all that he had and bought it” (Mt. 13:46). The man knew what he was looking for and found it, but it required giving up everything to obtain it.

When we seek something with a passion, we make sacrifices. If you want an education, there are some sacrifices to make, and today it requires a willingness for most to take on a large dept. Some are so passionate for what they want to do that they give up a good paying job to fulfill their life’s passion – for less income.

We admire people who have the determination to follow their dreams at great expense. But what about us spiritually? Do we have the passion of the pearl merchant? Will we be willing to give up anything that hinders us from becoming a citizen of the kingdom of heaven?

Jesus was not talking about a career, a wife or husband, or happiness when He told us to “seek.” He was talking about finding the kingdom of God (Mt. 6:33). If we want the right things we must passionately want them. If we ask the Father with an unceasing determination, He will grant our requests. The present imperatives always stress the continuance of the response. This can best be expressed in a rather rough translation as “keep on asking,” “keep on seeking” and “keep on knocking.” In other words, “keep on keeping on.”
Song: “Seek Ye First”

Prayer: Dear Father, let no apathy or indifference be found in my heart for You and Your Will. May I have a passion for Your holiness and may my love for You be manifested in my zeal for spiritual things. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Rob Redden, Arroyo Grande, CA