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More to Life

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Keep On Knocking

“Holding forth the word of light” (Philippians 2:16).

A man had a neighbor who was constantly bothering him by knocking on his door and telling him that he was going to perish if he did not seek Jesus and obey Him. The man knew he wasn’t right with God, but he didn’t think his sins were that bad. He told his neighbor to never knock on his door again. However, he soon became engaged in “bigger” sins, and his life took a downward spiral.


The Value of a Father

“And you fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but nurture them in the chastening and the admonition of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4).  
The website says that according to the U. S. Census Bureau, 24 million children in the U. S. live in homes where no biological father is present. According to this website’s statistics, the absence of fathers has a huge direct causal effect on children’s poverty rate, their health, and their later involvement in crime, incarceration, teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, as well as dropping out of school.


Above The Snake Line

Today’s Scripture: Proverbs 13:15 – “good understanding wins favor, but the way of the unfaithful is hard.”  

It is a general truth that you will likely not find a rattlesnake above the elevation of 6000 feet. Early settlers in America referred to this as the snake line. Often, when they were purchasing a property, they would ask the seller whether or not the property was above “the snake line.”