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More to Life

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“. . . Or have eaten my morsels alone and the orphan has not shared it” (Job 31:17).

There is a responsibility to those left as orphans, or those we usually render as
“fatherless.” To illustrate, the plight of children in 1852, the New York city
population was 500,000 of which 10,000 and more were homeless children.
With so many youngsters running loose, derelict and crime prone, city planners
moved them bodily to other locations. In September, 1884, a steamship carried
46 boys and several girls, ages 7 – 15, to Albany where they were placed on a
train, the first “orphan train” to homes in the Midwest.
The program continued over the next 75 years with nearly 100,000 orphaned,
destitute, and unwanted children from New York making the journey west with
the emphasis being, “To make every kind of religious family who desire the
responsibility, an asylum or reformatory institution for the vagrant child.”
There was to be “individual influence” to get the wild, neglect outcasts off the
streets and give them love and gentleness of home to make them honest,
healthy labor.
Fifty years after that first “orphan train” a survey showed that of those children
placed in homes “87% were doing well, only 1/4th of 1% had committed petty
crimes, while of those who had achieved success, one was N. Dakota’s governor,
and one governor of the territory of Alaska.”
Care for the fatherless? Those who have lived through an experience without
assistance missed out on adults fostering young lives. How many souls might
have been saved by His church for the Lord, who care for them without reservation?

Hymn: “Father, Hear The Prayer We Offer”

Majestic Father of all, we offer up prayer for the lost children of the day, many
abandoned, others left to find their own way. May we as a body be drawn to the
task to seeing after those of our number and as many of those who are maintained
by homes in this country. May they learn of Jesus and a better life to be. In Jesus’
name, Amen.
Gordon V. Herrmann, (Deceased) (Vivian Herrmann, Santa Maria, CA)


A New Temple

Ezekiel 40:28–41:26
Then the man took me to the south gateway leading into the inner courtyard. He measured it, and it had the same measurements as the other gateways. Its guard alcoves, dividing walls, and entry room were the same size as those in the others. It also had windows along its walls and in the entry room. And like the others, the gateway passage was 87 1/2 feet long and 43 3/4 feet wide. (The entry rooms of the gateways leading into the inner courtyard were 14 feet across and 43 3/4 feet wide. The entry room to the south gateway faced into the outer courtyard. It had palm tree decorations on its columns, and there were eight steps leading to its entrance.


The Revelation of God’s Love


And to know this love that surpasses knowledge – that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God. ~ Ephesians 3:19
READING: Romans 8:9-15
God’s love is so wide, so high, so deep, and so long, that Ephesians tells us it surpasses knowledge. We cannot come to know it on our own. Books, other people, experience – nothing of this world can cause us to learn of the love of God. If it is unlearnable, how can we come to understand it?

God’s love is alien; it is out of this world. God the Father had to break into our world and reveal it to us. The love of God in Christ is nothing less than revelation. In Romans 8, Paul tells us that this love is so other (holy) that God must put his Spirit in us and cause us to cry out, “Abba Father.”

The love of God the Father – demonstrated on the cross and made alive to our hearts by the Holy Spirit – these are potent truths that we preachers are called to proclaim.

There is no preaching good enough, no argument savvy enough, and no personality charming enough. The application of God’s love to the human heart is a divine work that only the Holy Spirit can do. Cleverness of speech was insufficient for the apostle Paul and it is insufficient for us. We who are dead in our transgressions are made alive to God by the power of God, and on this work of God we are wholly dependent.

Prepare your sermons diligently and faithfully. But pray and trust even harder knowing that the most important work is done by the Holy Spirit. Has not God made foolish the wisdom of this world lest the cross of Christ be emptied of its power?

God, Awaken me to your love by the power of your Holy Spirit. Amen.

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