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More to Life

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Do What You Can

Today’s Bible Verse: “For as his share is who goes down to battle, so shall his share be who stays
with the baggage” (1 Sam. 30:24).
Those who have been engaged in personal evangelism have tended to emphasize that every Christian
is responsible for carrying out the Great Commission, which is true. But it can, and has often been,
presented as if those sitting by the baggage are merely second class members, not carrying a full load.
David was pursuing the Amalekites with his army of 600 men, but some 200 of them became exhausted from the pursuit and the dwindling provisions. Not able to go any farther, they remained behind to guard the baggage, or as is said today, “watch the stuff.”
The 400 men returned victorious, but some felt they should not have to share the spoils with the
200 who merely watched. “No,” David said, “If you fought in the battle, you get a share and if
you stayed with the baggage, you get a share.” Surely, there’s a lesson here important to us.
In 1 Corinthains 12:14ff, Paul states the body consists of many members and not all have the same
function. It’s an emphasis of which all must be aware, that you are important to the body of Christ,
and to God, no matter the limitations of your body and resources and ability. Some then, as now,
couldn’t fight as hard or travel as fast, and some were aging and were soon worn out.
For inspiration, let’s look at those who did stay behind and why they were given credit. One, none had
deserted or rebelled. Two, there was no attempt to discourage those who went into battle. Three, all
rejoiced in the triumph, for they had waited with the baggage with not only hope, but anxiety. Fourth,
they did what they could.
And the result? David indicated they would be rewarded. The message seems to be, as if ever was,
“Do what you can, where you are, and with what you have!”
Hymn: “Rise Up, O Men of God”
Prayer: Dear Father, help us to understand and accept the role that each of your children plays, and may those of us who are weak find a compensation for lesser skills in love for one another. In His name. Amen.
Gordon V. Herrmann, Santa Maria, CA

The Lord Is My Shepherd

Ponder: Is the Lord your shepherd?

Scripture: “The Lord is my shepherd” (Psalm 23:1a, NKJV).

I am not being sarcastic when I say that sheep are not the brightest bulbs in the chandelier. As a lad, I raised a “bum lamb” (a twin that his mother rejected). I named him Sam. Since Sam the lamb was male, he was Sam the ram lamb! I loved him dearly, but in all honesty, he didn’t have much sense.
He needed me, which undoubtedly was part of the reason I loved him so.


Life Is Brief, Prepare For Eternity

“For the living know that they shall die. . .” (Ecclesiastes 9:5)
Death is one of the most prevalent events of life. It is an event that is both certain and uncertain.
Its certainty is summed up by the writer of Hebrews when he tells us that “it is appointed unto man
to die (9:27). Its uncertainty centers around the fact that no one knows when or how it will happen, whether by disease, illness, accident or a body that has simply worn out from old age.